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Posted on :  
3 December 2017

  Ad Reference: FM94134

Ever wanted to get access to your spouse's Facebook account without them knowing? Are you interested in clearing your unwanted criminal record, or improving your school grades?
Our list is filled with various requests for hacker services, and our services has becoming more appealing to regular Internet users such as requests listed below.
1: "I am in a custody/safety situation with my three-year old daughter and my alcoholic ex-husband," one listing says. "He continues to defy safety restrictions and court orders, and I need to be able to know where he is in order to catch him drinking in her presence. (he still has visitation). I have his cell information as well as two email addresses. I want to be able to track his phone. If I could monitor his text messages/calls it would also be useful in court. (I know information gained in this manner would not be [?], but it could be crucial in a case)." .

2: "Tel-Aviv university decided to close its preparatory program for disadvantage youth, after 45 years helping poor youngsters," a different message reads. "I would [like] a message supporting the continue of the operation of the program to be posted on the TAU website."

3: "Retrieve Gmail password from fiancee, the father of my child, to find out whether he's cheating,"

4: "Hello to every body [sic]. I am looking for someone who can give me the list of all conversation on whats app of my girlfriend's account and if it is possible to get her SMS or incoming/outgoing calls and her location..... so this mean maybe a spy ware,"

5: "I've been getting malicious emails from an anonymous sender," one job listing reads. "They keep creating new gmail accounts and sending me and my family emails about me to make me look bad. They also created a fake Facebook account in my name and starting writing bad things about me. Facebook ultimately took down the site. I've also received calls and texts from several unrecognized numbers. I think its one person who is doing this to me. I really need to figure the name and location of the person,"

6: "For some reasons, I am looking for a hacker who can help me to enter the game server, identify my character, and modify a number,"

We take series of jobs from a cheating spouse spy to a criminal record erase. We specialize in all type of jobs.
a) School grades changing
b) SQL DB penetration,
c) Driver's License retrieval,
d) Penetration testing,
e) Email ,
f) Location detecting,
g) Software testing,
h) Database Penetration
i) Website Ransoming
j) I'Phone Hacking,
K) Clearing of criminal records,
L) Pay-pal,
m) Social Media Hack,
n) Password sniffing,
o) Bank Transfers,
p) Company Money-Wire services,
q) Cyber Security,
r) Computer Security
Reach out to Dmitry Sklyarov and we promise you a neat professional job.